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Welcome to CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc.

Use of services is based on the following agreement. By using services, the user fully agrees to the Terms of use. These terms may change without prior notice, so please make sure to always refer to the latest version of this document before using our services.

1. About the service.

Our services are provided through WEB access. The user is responsible of his Internet access (software, hardware, Internet Service Provider), required to use our services. The services (CAD data and other downloads) are provided without any guarantee, so the user agrees to use them at his own risk. Every content of the service, including program software and data, is copyrighted material and property of CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc. ("web2CAD") or its third-party license providers, and as such protected by the relevant Japanese laws and international conventions. It is strictly prohibited to use any of the service's content on another site or service.
Some part of the services request the user to input some personal information. For more details about handling personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

2. PARTcommunity Terms of Use

By using, downloading from, or using downloaded data from PARTcommunity (CAD data download services), the user fully agrees to the following conditions.

Caution : in order to be allowed to download and use the CAD data, the user must possess a valid CAD license related to the selected format and CAD system.

2-1. Privacy Policy

A membership is required in order to use these services. For more details about user registration and handling of personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

2-2. PARTcommunity guarantee

web2CAD doesn't assume liability for accessing PARTcommunity services, troubles or down-time during service providing, or availability of downloaded data. Even though data from PARTcommunity has been compiled with utmost care, web2CAD doesn't guarantee the correction, validity, accuracy and completeness of the data. Part dimensions and matching with the actual parts are also not guaranteed. Typos, user's computer or internet connection issues and wrong operation from the user are excluded from any warranty.

2-3. PARTcommunity Liability

PARTcommunity service is provided free of charge, and "as-is". The user agrees to use these services at his own risks. Some data are provided by third-parties, web2CAD can't be held responsible for any damage, accident or data loss involving usage of these data.

2-4. CADENAS database order contract

PARTcommunity (CAD data download services) system is provided by our headquarters at CADENAS GmbH in Germany, and other licensing companies. In order to use these services the user needs to agree the CADENAS database order contract in the link below.

[CADENAS database order contract]

3. User's content

Our services include a bulletin board, in such kind of service, the content sent by the user can be accessed by other third parties. When content is sent, all rights to use (copy, publication, sending, distribution, lease, rent, grant, translation and modification) the submitted content are granted freely and non-exclusively to web2CAD (including sub-licensing rights). When such use is made by web2CAD of submitted content, the user can not claim any moral rights (chosakusha-jinkauken) on these data.

4. Compensations

In case of any issue resulting from content sent through our services, violation of these Terms of use or infringement to Third-party rights by the user, all of the claims, payment requests or penalties are to be resolved and endorsed by the user alone. In case web2CAD has to suffer from penalty, claim or lawsuit as a result of user's actions, the user will be charged with full compensation to web2CAD, including, but not limited to, lawyer fees.

5. User feedback

Except explicitly described otherwise by web2CAD, every comment, remark, indication or other material or data, shall not be treated confidentially. The ownership of any material of this kind provided by the user is transferred to web2CAD. When the user submits such material or comment, he agrees to transfer all of the rights (copyright, moral rights and intellectual property) worldwide, and without any limitation to web2CAD.
Web2CAD may use all of user feedback material without any limitation.

6. Guarantee

web2CAD website, all its content and other services are build with utmost care, however, web2CAD doesn't provide expressly or impliedly any guarantee regarding the accuracy, correction, safety and conformity to the user's situation.

7. Liability

web2CAD can not be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage, loss (income, data, asset), claim and cost caused, directly or indirectly, by the usage of our services. Should web2CAD representatives have knowledge of eventuality of such third-parties damage, loss of income, claim, cost or any other claim from third-parties, web2CAD won't hold any responsibility.
Our services may include advertisement, promotional gifts and prizes or surveys. Such interaction and any kind of business with the promoters is the user's direct responsibility. Products payment, business conditions, guarantees, or mortgages is shared responsibility between the user and the related promoters. Web2CAD doesn't hold any responsibility for any damage or loss caused by interaction with the promoters. Web2CAD also doesn't hold any responsibility regarding the advertisement in itself.

1-46-13 Nishigahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo, 114-0024 Japan

Database Order Contract
Terms of Use and Disclaimer between the "Database Provider" and the Customer

1. Subject Matter of the Contract

Using the database and downloading CAD files is free of charge.

The database is to be used only by customers who are entrepreneurs according to business conditions. These are natural or legal persons or legal business partnerships, which act in practice of a commercial activity or activities of a self-employed person.

The database provider supplies the customer with online access to this database and the therein contained data per http via internet for research and to retrieve data within the frame of this contract. The use of this database is solely based on the existing terms of this contract. Other terms and conditions are invalid even if the database provider does not exclusively object to these.

Amendments and changes to the contract are valid in writing only. The purpose of this data is limited to the use of this data for CAD designs. Any use of this data with the aim of replacing or copying parts of or the database is strictly prohibited.

2. Use of Customer Data, Non-Disclosure and Data Protection

The database provider records the usage and billing data and saves these respectively during the time permitted by law. Upon request, the customer has the right to be informed about his saved data, free of charge. The customer is hereby informed that the database provider saves and mechanically records the customer's complete address and other order related data in machine-readable form and according to the guidelines of the Federal Data Protection Act. The database provider guarantees the confidential treatment of this data. The customer must allow to be registered in the attached form in order to validate this contract and for data retrieval. The database provider is expressly authorized to pass on the third-party usage data of the customer to the respective manufacturer as well as the transmission of usage data to third parties for purposes of advertisement, marketing research and surveys.

With this consent form, the customer accepts the usage right of the database provider concerning the data of the customer. The customer is thus informed of his right to withdrawal at any time for future effect. The withdrawal is to be explained to the database provider.

3. Guarantee

The database provider does not assume liability for the access options on the database and the availability of the saved data. The database provider has compiled the data with utmost care. The database provider does not assume liability for the guaranteeing correct, complete, up-to-date and usable data recalled by the customer. The identity of the dimensions of parts in the database to the purchased parts is not guaranteed either. No guarantees necessarily account for particularly insignificant impairments during research, data recall or concerning the content of the data (e.g. typos), which do not significantly impair the database. Excluded from the warranty are problems that arise from defects or interruptions in the customer's computer, communication channels, or from improper use by the customer.

4. Liability

The granting of free use of the database occurs as a gesture of goodwill and at the customer's own risk. The database provider assumes responsibility and liability only in the event of intent and gross negligence or breach of an essential requirement for the completion of the contract. Any liability for consequential damages arising from the use of third data cannot be assumed. Warranty and liability are excluded for the remainder of the contract.

5. Terms of Use

All rights, in particular the copyright use and analysis right of the database as well as those to the essential parts of the database, in relation to the customer, are exclusively reserved for the database provider. The customer has the right to conduct searches in the database and save a selection of the researched data on the ROM of his computer. The customer may print out the retrieved data as a hard copy or save it onto the hard drive of his computer. The customer may use the retrieved data for personal uses only.

The following uses of data recalled in electronic form by the customer are strictly prohibited:

a) The use of the retrieved data to produce more than just individual copies or for making systematic collections or compiling a new database, especially the systematic collection in computer systems, the systematic collection of data in PDM systems, or systems with the same objective target.

b) The production of additional copies of the downloaded data for personal scientific use, if carried out for commercial purposes and the inclusion of additional copies in personal files, even if this is for the customer's own information and concerns daily demands.

c) The retrieved data may be passed on to business partners and companies (such as workshops) for consideration and implementation of concrete projects. The customer will ensure that the business partners of the company do not to use the data for other purposes. Otherwise, the retrieved data may not be provided to third parties, distributed, or communicated to the public.

d) The translation, adaptation, arrangement and other alteration of the retrieved data requires the consent of the database provider. The compilations of summaries (abstracts), which replace the notice of the original data, are prohibited.

e) The distribution of this data to the direct or indirect competitor of the database provider.

The customer may not remove any copyright, trademark and other reservations of rights in the data.

A violation of these Terms of Use or attempt to circumvent the barriers to entry, constitute a copyright violation and entitle the database operator to collect damages.

6. Special Provisions for Information Brokers

Information brokers (equals customer in this contract) that run the database research for clients, may pass on the research results mentioned under paragraph 5 to the respective client, if the client has agreed, in written form, to abide by the terms of use of the customer addressed by the database provider according to paragraph 5, and the customer offers the database provider a formal obligation agreed to by the client upon request.

7. Technical Specifications

The customer is responsible for supplying the connection to the database provider's servers and for all other technical outfits.
The database provider has the right, if necessary also during working hours, to conduct maintenance on the server and the database. This may result in disturbances concerning data recall for which the database provider assumes no liability.

8. Customer Obligations

The customer ensures that unauthorized third parties do not gain access to copies made by him or gain unauthorized access to the contents of the database. The database provider reserves the right to investigate suspected abuse or breach of contract, take appropriate actions, and upon justified suspicion, reserves the right to freeze the customer's access to the database.
The customer may only use the database appropriately. In particular the customer should: use the database appropriately especially not in contradiction to the terms of use (paragraph 5); be responsible for protecting the basics of data privacy; abide by official and technical regulations, as well as netiquette (internet-specific system of rules); immediately announce indications of misuse of the database to the database provider.
The customer is obligated to inform the database provider about noticeable damages or defects of the database.

9. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

All legal relations arising from this contract are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany excluding the UN sales law. Court of jurisdiction is Augsburg (Germany).

I hereby declare myself to conclude the Database Order Contract. In particular, I hereby authorize consent to share the use of data in the context of paragraph 2 of this contract. I hereby also certify that I own a valid CAD software license and confirm to use the data solely for the above described purpose(s).

Database Provider:
CADENAS Konstruktions-Softwareentwicklungs und Vertriebs GmbH
Berliner Allee 28 b + c
86153 Augsburg, Germany

TEL +49 (0) 821 2 58 58 0-0
FAX +49 (0) 821 2 58 58 0-999

Privacy Policy of CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc.
CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc. fully understands the importance of protecting personal information in today's high information-oriented society, we have designed this Privacy Policy to explain how we safeguard the privacy of our users.

Chapter 1: Handling of Personal Information
1. Collection of the Personal Information

We will only collect your personal information by appropriate and fair methods.

2. Use of the Personal Information

Personal information we collect may be used for the following purposes
1. Confirmation of user registration for our services or user application to buy our products.
2. Providing our products information.
3. Providing our related company or our customer's product Information.
4. Sending the requested Service material (CD-ROM and others) or ordered products.
5. Providing the support services or updates of our products and Services.
6. Processing the invoice for our products or services.
7. Efforts to improve the services or product, including through sending questionnaires.
8. Processing to send the requested products information on the advertisement area.
9. Recognizing your activity in order to utilize it for new products and the service development.
10. Providing these personal information to the CAD data supplier companies (providers of the said CAD data) when you use the download / preview functionality.
The Personal Information is managed only by us or an outsourcing firm bound to us by a Non-disclosure Agreement. This outsourcing firm manages the Personal Information only within the purpose of the outsourcing.

3. About "Cookies"

Cookies are the technologies, which stores your information on your computer's hard disk through your web browser. With this technology, you can have benefit to easily access the services which you frequently use. We are using Cookies technologies in our web site. If you refuse the "Use of Cookies", some of our services may not be usable.
The information that we grant from Cookies is used only for the purpose of providing our services to you and we do not use it for any other purposes.

4. Providing information to third party

(1) To our suppliers (CAD data providers)
We will provide some of the data you submitted at the time of your registration (Name, Company name, Occupation, Industry type, Division name, Title, address, Telephone number, E-mail address), and some data related to your download / preview process (Order number, Date, File format, Server type, Language).
All these informations are stored securely in our protected system, to which we grant access to our suppliers.

(2) To our dealer
When you request our products information (printed catalogs, brochures, and such), or order our products, we may provide your personal information (Name, Company name, Occupation, Industry type, Division name, Title, Telephone number, E-mail address) by paper or electronic document (E-mail, Disc, Floppy, ...) to the reseller of our products, as described in section 2.8 ("Use of the Personal Information") above.
Note) This will be described on our Service Agreement of the related services.

(3) To event sponsors
When you apply, through our services, to an event/seminar/exhibition which is not sponsored by our company, we may provide your personal information (Name, Company name, Occupation, Industry type, Division name, Title, Telephone number, E-mail address) by paper or electronic document (E-mail, Disc, Floppy, ...) to the said event/seminar/exhibition sponsors, as described in section 2.11 ("Use of the Personal Information") above.

For cases (1), (2) and (3) above, you may prevent your personal information from being transferred to third parties by a simple phone call to our Personal Information Prevention Service at the number indicated below :

[Contact Information]
Personal Information Prevention Service
Phone : 03-5961-5031

(4) Other cases
For the cases (1), (2) and (3) above, we will not provide your personal information to any third party without your advance consent, except in accordance with applicable law and outsourcing process of section 2 ("Use of the Personal Information") above.
We have online shopping on our web site. When you order the products via such online shopping, we will entrust the handling of your personal information to our outsourcing firm (Online Shopping system provider) who provides us the online shopping services, and which we have a Non-Disclosure agreement with.
When you request to pay by credit card, we will not have access to your credit card information, it will be handled by our Online Shopping system provider.

5. Management of the Personal Information

We keep and maintain personal information accurately and securely.
We take a countermeasure for information security against illegal access, computer virus, etc adequately in order to prevent loss, destruction, modification or leak of personal information.
We do not leak personal information neither by taking out nor by transferring outside.

6. Transferring personal information to third countries

We may transfer your personal information to other countries (“third countries”), where the level of data protection is not the same as in your home country. In such cases, we will take measures to ensure a suitable level of data protection, according to appropriate regulations.

7. Access, correction, cease of use, deletion of personal information

We acknowledge user's right to request us for access, correction, cease of use, and deletion of user's own personal information and when requested, we take prompt action without objection after the confirmation of the correctness of its request. Our web site user (who is registered from our web site) can change or correct the registration via our web site.
If you request the deletion, please request from here. When you delete the registration, you may not use some services.

[Contact Information]
Email :

Any inquiry or opinion about the handling of personal information owned by us, please make contact to us (Information desk for personal information).

8. Organization and system

We appoint Supervisor and manage to protect personal information adequately.
We conduct our directors and employees with seminar to protect and to know correct handling of personal information so that we can treat information adequately.

9. Decision, action, maintenance and improvement of rules for personal information and compliance program

We make rule to protect personal information compliance program (this privacy policy includes other policies and rules) in order to fulfill this policy and then make our personnel and people concerned follow the rule. We also maintain and improve the rule contentiously.

Chapter 2: Handling of Personal Information on Users Residing in the European Economic Area

Concerning the handling of information on users residing in the European Economic Area consisting of European Union member countries, as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, the following provisions of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) shall apply. Moreover, in the event that the provisions of Article 2 conflict with the provisions of Article 1, the provisions of Article 2 shall have priority.

Article 1 (Basis for Handling of Personal Information)

Within the limits of the usage purposes stipulated in Chapter 1 Article 4, we handle the users’ personal information on one or more of the following bases stipulated by the GDPR:

1. It is necessary for us to provide services and features requested by users, or it is required to fulfill or contractual obligations.
2. It is necessary to protect the vital interests of users or natural persons.
3. It is necessary to protect our legitimate interests.
4. It is necessary to protect the legitimate interests or public interests of third parties.
5. It is necessary to observe the legal obligations we need to submit to.
6. Users have agreed to the handling of their personal information.

Article 2 (Transfer Outside the EEA)

There are instances in which user information will be transferred outside the EEA and stored or handled in other countries (including Japan). By using our services, users agree that their personal information may be transferred to such locations. While the European Commission has not yet recognized Japan’s sufficiency as of May 25th, 2018, all personal information we obtain is managed with appropriate protection measures based on the GDPR.

Article 3 (Personal Information Retention Period)

Personal information which we handle is retained for a period required for the achievement of the usage purposes stipulated in Chapter 1 Article 4, as well as a period required to fulfill legal or other obligations.

Article 4 (User Rights)

Users have the following rights with regards to us. To exercise the applicable right, please refer to the point of contact mentioned in Article 1 Chapter 10.

1. Users may revoke their consent to this privacy policy at any time. However, this will not affect the legality of any handling which the user had agreed to prior to said revocation. Moreover, in the event consent is revoked, the user will no longer be able to use the services or features requiring information used or collected based on the user’s consent.
2. The user has the right to access his or her personal information which is in our possession. Consequently, the user may request a copy of his or her own personal information which is in our possession.
3. The user has the right to request the correction or deletion of his or her personal information which is in our possession.
4. The user has the right to limit or file an objection on our handling of his or her personal information which is in our possession.
5. The user has the right to request that his or her personal information which is in our possession be structured and transferred to a third party in a format which can be read with generally used equipment.

Article 5 (Filing Complaints)

The user has the right to file a complaint on our handling of his or her personal data to the data protection authority governing the user’s place of residence (the National Data Protection Authorities).

Article 6 (Concerning Users Under The Age of 16)

Users under the age of 16 need to ask a legal guardian to agree on their usage of our services or receive the permission of a legal guardian regarding their agreement to use our services.
Article 7 (Automatic Handling)

At present, we do not use the user’s personal information via automatic handling without input from a human.
In the future, we may use automatic handling to determine users’ eligibility with regards to new services or other business opportunities. In such instances, we will strive to implement the appropriate safety measures within the limits of applicable laws or other obligations. Users may request a human to intervene, request to express an opinion, file a complaint on our decisions or request limitations on our usage of users’ personal information for the purposes of automatic decision-making.

(Feburary/16/2012 Updated)
(November/29/2012 Updated)
(May/25/2018 Updated)
(November/6/2018 Updated)

I agree to the data usage and storage outside the EEA (European Economic Area). Should I use CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc. services inside the EEA, I agree to the transfer of my personal information outside the EEA to CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc. server facility in Japan.

I agree   次へ