WEB2CAD Acceptable Use Policy
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Use of web2cad.co.jp services is based on the following agreement. By using web2cad.co.jp services, the user fully agrees to the Terms of use. These terms may change without prior notice, so please make sure to always refer to the latest version of this document before using our services.

1. About the service.

Our services are provided through WEB access. The user is responsible of his Internet access (software, hardware, Internet Service Provider), required to use our services. The services (CAD data and other downloads) are provided without any guarantee, so the user agrees to use them at his own risk. Every content of the service, including program software and data, is copyrighted material and property of CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc. ("web2CAD") or its third-party license providers, and as such protected by the relevant Japanese laws and international conventions. It is strictly prohibited to use any of the service's content on another site or service.
Some part of the services request the user to input some personal information. For more details about handling personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

2. PARTcommunity Terms of Use

By using, downloading from, or using downloaded data from PARTcommunity (CAD data download services), the user fully agrees to the following conditions.

Caution : in order to be allowed to download and use the CAD data, the user must possess a valid CAD license related to the selected format and CAD system.

2-1. Privacy Policy

A membership is required in order to use these services. For more details about user registration and handling of personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

2-2. PARTcommunity guarantee

web2CAD doesn't assume liability for accessing PARTcommunity services, troubles or down-time during service providing, or availability of downloaded data. Even though data from PARTcommunity has been compiled with utmost care, web2CAD doesn't guarantee the correction, validity, accuracy and completeness of the data. Part dimensions and matching with the actual parts are also not guaranteed. Typos, user's computer or internet connection issues and wrong operation from the user are excluded from any warranty.

2-3. PARTcommunity Liability

PARTcommunity service is provided free of charge, and "as-is". The user agrees to use these services at his own risks. Some data are provided by third-parties, web2CAD can't be held responsible for any damage, accident or data loss involving usage of these data.

2-4. CADENAS database order contract

PARTcommunity (CAD data download services) system is provided by our headquarters at CADENAS GmbH in Germany, and other licensing companies. In order to use these services the user needs to agree the CADENAS database order contract in the link below.

[CADENAS database order contract]

3. User's content

Our services include a bulletin board, in such kind of service, the content sent by the user can be accessed by other third parties. When content is sent, all rights to use (copy, publication, sending, distribution, lease, rent, grant, translation and modification) the submitted content are granted freely and non-exclusively to web2CAD (including sub-licensing rights). When such use is made by web2CAD of submitted content, the user can not claim any moral rights (chosakusha-jinkauken) on these data.

4. Compensations

In case of any issue resulting from content sent through our services, violation of these Terms of use or infringement to Third-party rights by the user, all of the claims, payment requests or penalties are to be resolved and endorsed by the user alone. In case web2CAD has to suffer from penalty, claim or lawsuit as a result of user's actions, the user will be charged with full compensation to web2CAD, including, but not limited to, lawyer fees.

5. User feedback

Except explicitly described otherwise by web2CAD, every comment, remark, indication or other material or data, shall not be treated confidentially. The ownership of any material of this kind provided by the user is transferred to web2CAD. When the user submits such material or comment, he agrees to transfer all of the rights (copyright, moral rights and intellectual property) worldwide, and without any limitation to web2CAD.
Web2CAD may use all of user feedback material without any limitation.

6. Guarantee

web2CAD website, all its content and other services are build with utmost care, however, web2CAD doesn't provide expressly or impliedly any guarantee regarding the accuracy, correction, safety and conformity to the user's situation.

7. Liability

web2CAD can not be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage, loss (income, data, asset), claim and cost caused, directly or indirectly, by the usage of our services. Should web2CAD representatives have knowledge of eventuality of such third-parties damage, loss of income, claim, cost or any other claim from third-parties, web2CAD won't hold any responsibility.
Our services may include advertisement, promotional gifts and prizes or surveys. Such interaction and any kind of business with the promoters is the user's direct responsibility. Products payment, business conditions, guarantees, or mortgages is shared responsibility between the user and the related promoters. Web2CAD doesn't hold any responsibility for any damage or loss caused by interaction with the promoters. Web2CAD also doesn't hold any responsibility regarding the advertisement in itself.

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